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safety grab bars and railings

Slip and fall accidents account for more injury deaths of older Americans than any other form of injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four Americans aged 65 and older falls each year, and each hour in the US, more than 300 senior citizens are treated in an emergency room as the result of a fall.

Adding simple, secure grab bars and safety railings throughout the house can help prevent slip and fall accidents. A safe, secure grab bar can stop you from grabbing for a towel bar, sliding glass door or other unstable fixture in your bathroom that can lead to a serious accident. Grab bars and safety railings can help you stay safer in your bathroom, walking down the basement stairs or going in and out of the garage. Amramp provides a wide array of stylish, secure grab bars and safety railings for showers, bathrooms or anywhere else you need to feel more secure in your home.

bath shower with grab bar          accessible tub with grab bar

Different type of Grab Bars are available to fit your needs

  • Wall-mounted grab bars, usually placed in showers, tubs or toilet areas
  • Poles and railings – usually secured to the floor or ceiling
  • Flip-up grab bars provide good support for getting up and sitting down on the toilet. These grab bars come down around both sides of the toilet.

For a grab bar to provide safe support, it must be secured to the wall studs or blocking in the walls and with a textured surface to make it be easy to grab and grip onto.

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SuperPole      SuperBar     PT Rail

Our SuperSystem includes the SuperPole and SuperBar to enhance your mobility and provide ergonomic support for your unique mobility needs.

Support Accessories - Accent Ring     Support Accessories - Soap Dish 1     Support Accessories - Towel Bar

Healthcraft products- Grab bars, Super Pole grab bars, PT rail grab bar

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