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Stair Lifts

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Stairs no longer need to be a barrier in your home with amramp

Do you avoid going up and down the stairs because it leaves you short of breath or puts too much stress on your legs and feet?

A stair lift is a surprisingly affordable option to open your world and your home a little wider for you with safe, comfortable access up and down the stairs.

With a stair lift from Amramp, you can make everyday life easier. Easily access your front entrance or your lower level craft area or workshop again. Enjoy spending time in your garden with an outdoor stairlift from your deck to your garden.


If you or your loved ones have difficulty getting up and down the stairs or are at risk of falling, then a residential stair lift delivered and installed by our Amramp team of local, trained and certified accessibility professionals will make a big difference in your life. For someone struggling with stairs, a stair lift is an ideal accessibility solution to ensure safety and independence within the home. Your Amramp accessibility expert will visit your home to do an on-site assessment and take measurements.

They will review with you the different types and models of safe, comfortable, and easy to use stair lifts including the Handicare 1100 straight rail stair lift, to provide full access to multi-floor homes, within your budget.

The Handicare 1100, the slimmest straight stairlift on the market. Handicare stair lifts are safe and easy to use with many features. If you’re worried about a stairlift taking up too much space on your stairs, you’ll love the stylish and compact Handicare 1100. Its slimline rail can be placed closer to the wall than any other straight stairlift. And the seat and arm rest can be folded away easily to leave much more space for people walking up or down the stairs.

Call to set up a free evaluation and our local Amramp accessibility expert will provide a solution that meets your situation and your budget. Stair lift installations are done by our professional Amramp installation team and can be completed in a few hours.

Our base models generally include:

  • Custom fit to your staircase
  • Ultra slim straight rail
  • Friction drive system
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Two remote controls – one positioned upstairs and the other downstairs – to allow independent use
  • Soft start and soft stop for smoother transitions
  • Onboard diagnostic codes make troubleshooting easier
  • Powered swivel chair and powered footrest options available
  • Continuous charge strip keeps the batteries are fully charged and ready to go when you are – No need to worry about getting stuck if there’s a power outage

Additional features are also available:

  • Indoor, outdoor, and curved models available
  • Models available to access multi-levels with one system
  • Various weight capacities available.


Stair Lifts from Amramp

Less expensive than you think.

More freedom than you thought.


  • Provide safe access to every floor in your home with a Stairlift from Amramp.
  • FREE evaluation: Contactless site evaluations are available for your safety and the safety of our teams.
  • Delivered and Installed: A stairlift from Amramp is delivered and installed by a trained and certified accessibility professional.
  • Rentals are available: Users with temporary disabilities or other short-term needs can rent a stairlift from Amramp.
  • Outdoor stairlifts: Great for those users who need to go up steps to get into their home or who want to be able to easily navigate patio or deck stairs.
  • Stairlift models available for children as well as adults.
  • Stairlifts are best for: people who have difficulty walking, people with limited mobility and those with heart or lung issues.


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L-shaped stairlift diagramStraight stairlift diagram  Curved stairlift diagram

Handicare products- Freecurve stairlift, 1000 stairlift, 1100 stairlift, 950 stairlift, 950+ stairlift, 2000 stairlift   Harmar products- Pinnacle stairlift, SL600 stairlift, SL300 stairlift, SL600HD stairlift, Summit SL350 stairlift, Helix stairlift   Savaria products- Stairfriend stairlift, K2 stairlift

*Not available in all locations*


Watch this video to learn more about the many features of the Handicare 1100 Stair Lift from Amramp – the slimmest straight rail stairlift on the market. Safe, affordable and easy to use.


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