Winter Weather: Safety and Mobility Tips For Snow

Posted on February 13, 2017

Beautiful as it may be, harsh winter weather presents challenges to everyone.


Ice, slush, and freezing rain make walking and driving treacherous. Snow quickly covers important home entryways including stairs, walkways, and driveways. It must be cleared so you can move safely into and out of your home, but it can be heavy and time consuming to remove.


With these imminent winter concerns and more, the last thing you should worry about is loved ones with mobility concerns. Amramp can help assure they are safe and comfortable at home by installing a winter ramp rental. A temporary ramp helps ensure they can access and navigate their property, despite what Mother Nature has planned.




Rather than aluminum, wood, or concrete, our ramps are made of steel. Unique Amramp-Grip technology features open mesh ramp surface allows water to pass through. The drainage this creates helps prevent ice buildup that could cause slips and falls. Amramp is proud to offer the most slip-resistant surface available, as well as a design that promotes prompt defrosting.


Amramp ramp rentals also feature raised edges and easier wheelchair grip, to create safer and more convenient passage. A temporary rental offers peace of mind when you and your loved ones need it most — and then can be quickly removed when the season changes.


Amramp offers free estimates and ramp rentals can be installed quickly and easily. Rent them for as little or as much time as you’d like, at affordable rates. When winter does its worst, make sure your loved ones are safe, protected, and comfortable, with the freedom to come and go as they please.


Wheelchair manufacturer and installer Amramp offers innovative accessibility products, including the ADA–compliant, patented modular ramp system. On-site estimates are free and installation is generally within days, often within 24 hours.


For more about Amramp’s wheelchair ramp and aging-in-place products and services, or free on-site estimates, please contact Amramp’s National Customer Service Center at 888-715-7598.



Peace of mind makes a great winter rental

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Please contact Amramp’s National Customer Service Center 888-715-7598

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