When someone returns home after a stroke, it is important to create a safe, nurturing environment that will help in their recovery.

Here are some easy, affordable ways to make your home more accessible:

1. Increased lighting, especially at the front and back entrances, maybe with motion sensors so the lights come on as you approach the entrance. Increasing the wattage of the bulbs in interior hallways and stairways. Adding larger windows, skylights or task lighting to the kitchen.
2. Making a safer entrance with a ramp and railings and smooth threshold transitions between rooms and outdoor decks or patios. Ramps are not just for people in wheelchairs. A ramp provides a safe entry and exit over stairs, especially during the winter months.
3. Add safety rails and grab bars in the bathroom.
4. Add a stairlift to the upper and/or lower level.
5. Widen the doorways and hallways to accommodate walkers, scooters or wheelchairs
6. Add lever handles to doors, cabinets and faucets for easier opening
7. Add an accessible bathroom to the main level


Choose Amramp for all your accessibility needs.

The Amramp teams across the country have accessibilities experience and are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and local zoning laws. Take advantage of a FREE evaluation to review your needs and lay out a remodeling plan.

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