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June is National Safety Month - Stay Safe at Home With Accessibility Solutions from Amramp

Posted on June 24, 2020

During the month of June, the National Safety Council (NSC) sponsors National Safety Month by promoting data and information that focuses on reducing leading causes of injury in and around the home, at work, and on the road. Observed annually by NSC, the nation’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, National Safety Month focuses on saving lives and preventing injuries.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the NSC recently announced that given the current state of the world, June 2020 will look a little different than past years. Instead of focusing on a single topic each week as the NSC has done in years past, this year the organization is providing real-time, relevant resources on its website that cover a variety of topics for keeping people safe in the “new normal”.

Click here to access the NSC website to learn more!

When it comes to staying safe in and around the home, an easy and efficient way to help a person with mobility challenges from experiencing dangerous slips and falls is to install a ramp system from Amramp.

The Most Slip-Resistant Modular Ramp Available

Our ramp surface offers a raised gripping pattern that makes Amramp the most slip-resistant ramp available. And our special Amramp-grip coating contains a disbursed particle that feels like sand paper, making each step into and out of the home as safe as possible.

Unique Open Mesh Ramp Surface

Amramp’s unique open mesh steel ramp surface allows moisture to pass through, reducing the possibility of dangerous ice forming in cold weather, and helps to prevent slippery mold from forming on the surface. Ramps that are made from wood, concrete, or aluminum are solid surfaces that collect moisture.

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