Creative Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted on October 3, 2018

Amramp salutes families and kids who celebrate Halloween with their awesome costumes


It can be challenging to find the right costume for children who require special mobility solutions, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible!


Now, with so many online resources available on blogs and social media, it’s easier for parents to get Halloween costume ideas for their children to make their own costumes. ABC News shared the Carrie McLelland, a Texas mother who builds Halloween costumes for children with spina bifida. She started by creating wheelchair-friendly costumes for her son, Caleb, who has dressed as Mario Kart, Bob the Builder, and Batman in the Batmobile. 


There are also companies and creatives like McLelland who can create a custom wheelchair costume. This approach does require more advanced planning, but it’s worth keeping in mind for next year!


Want to get started thinking of your child’s Halloween costume? Pinterest and Etsy are great places to find inspiration for children’s Halloween costumes, as well as family costume ideas—we found several wheelchair costume ideas that we featured in last year’s Halloween blog post. 


Here are some of our favorite inspiration for children’s wheelchair costumes this Halloween:


Amramp Wheelchair Costume MacAndCheeseFINAL-min

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Amramp Wheelchair Costume AshPikachuPokeBall-min

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Amramp Wheelchair Costume SharkTankCostumeWorks-min

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Amramp Wheelchair Costume OlafFrozen-min


Amramp Wheelchair Costume MarioKart FINAL-min

[Full photo credit] [Etsy shop]


Have you built a DIY Halloween costume for your child? Or have you ordered a custom wheelchair-friendly Halloween costume? Tell us about your experience! 


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