Amramp is America’s leader in US-manufactured modular wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps for businesses and homes. Our access ramps are slip-resistant, fireproof, extremely sturdy, and considered best-in-class. With options to rent or buy a ramp system for a commercial property, and with locally-based installers who can customize a solution for your site, Amramp has an option for all situations. Our unique wheelchair ramps can be customized to fit any entry or access configuration.

Should I rent or buy a wheelchair ramp – which is best for my site?

If your property needs a wheelchair ramp for six months or less, renting the ramp system is the best option. Our ramps are installed by local ramp experts in days, not weeks or months. And our ramp systems are free standing and do not attach to the building, so when it is removed there’s no damage to landscaping and exterior/interior fixtures.

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