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Consider Grab Bars and Safety Railings from Amramp

Great gift ideas to prevent slip and fall accidents

Posted on December 16, 2020

Bathroom equipped with grab bars and safety railings.    Bathtub with stainless steel safety railings mounted on the walls.

Is there someone in your life that would benefit from adding simple, secure grab bars and safety railings throughout the house to prevent slip and fall accidents.

A safe, secure grab bar can stop a loved one from grabbing for a towel bar, sliding glass door or other unstable fixture in your home that can lead to a serious accident. Grab bars and safety railings can help you stay safer in your bathroom, walking down the basement stairs, going in and out of the garage or even just working in the kitchen.

At Amramp, we understand that aging in place doesn’t mean changing your home to look more like a medical facility. While we do carry the standard stainless steel grab bars, we also have some other options to match your needs and your design tastes.

Amramp provides a wide array of stylish, secure grab bars and safety railings for showers, bathrooms or anywhere else you need to feel more secure in your home.

Decorative grab bar in bathroom.  Decorative towel bar that is actually a grab bar.

Different type of Grab Bars are available to fit your needs

  • Wall-mounted grab bars, usually placed in showers, tubs or toilet areas
  • Poles and railings – usually secured to the floor or ceiling – provide extra stability in any room in the house
  • Flip-up grab bars provide good support for getting up and sitting down on the toilet. These grab bars come down around both sides of the toilet

We also offer the SuperSystem, which includes the SuperPole and SuperBar to enhance your mobility and provide ergonomic support for your unique mobility needs. If you or a loved one are looking for support during daily activities at home, the SuperPole with the SuperBar can give you something to grab onto and help reduce the risk of a fall. It’s also helpful in getting up from your favorite chair as well.

SuperPole with SuperBar handle provides stability in bathroom.    SuperPole adds stability in living room.

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