Amramp Client Testimony with Sunshine State SportsAbility

Posted on October 25, 2014

Amramp installed three ramps for the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association’s 6th Annual SportsAbility Ocala/Gainesville.


After the event, we received this wonderful testimony from Laurie LoRe-Gussak, Executive Director at Sunshine State SportsAbility:

Amramp North Florida is a proud sponsor of the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association’s SportsAbility program. The wheelchair ramps that Scott Greene, Amramp North Florida provided for the 6th Annual Florida Disabled Outdoors Association’s SportsAbility Ocala/Gainesville helped over 600 people see and experience the enjoyment and benefits of an active lifestyle. Scott, the work you did to make the new SportsAbility location feasible was amazing! Without the ramp system, we couldn’t have had half of the activities!!! We had more people than ever learning about what is possible because of your dedication. A simple Thank You isn’t nearly enough. We do appreciate you!!!!


6th Annual SportsAbility Ocala.Gainesville-1.jpg
Amramp takes pride in working with professionals like Laurie and her team at Sunshine State SportsAbility who actively advocate for people of all physical abilities to make things possible.

Making access available for people of all abilities and interests


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