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Myra Canipe Praises Amramp and Her New Wheelchair Ramp

Posted on September 4, 2009


“I got teary the day my Amramp, wheelchair ramp system came: It was such a relief to never have to worry about leaving the house and worry about how to get back in,” says Myra Canipe of Camden, South Carolina.

From the time Ms. Canipe, 60, tore her Achilles tendon just walking around at home one day, she became a prisoner: “I couldn’t go anywhere; I could hop down the stairs but not up.”

Two weeks of panicking, plus paying out-of-pocket for EMTs to get her back inside, and she’d had enough, even though she’d only be temporarily using a wheelchair.

Ms. Canipe called Marc Gardner at Amramp in Columbia, South Carolina, on a Thursday and had her very own ramp installed on Monday.

“I only needed it for two months, but I couldn’t be trapped inside. I figured if I had to pay for another EMT trip, the ramp would have paid for itself. But now it’s not just getting to doctors appointments, I can actually go out to supper. It’s fantastic!”

Marc Gardner designed Ms. Canipe’s temporary wheelchair ramp with a gentle slope so she can maneuver in and out of her home without assistance from anyone. “I can just zip up and down, no problem,” she said.

“Amramp is costing me half the price of having a wooden ramp built; and the best part is they take it away. Soon I won’t be needing it, and I’ll be better than ever.”

It isn’t just Amramp’s design and patented steel platform that impresses her.

“I’m picky, and I believe in respect. Marc Gardner and his installer could not have been more professional or efficient. Marc understood I wanted the ramp quickly. The installer had me check everything to be sure I was happy with it.”

Marc Gardner knows that Amramp’s wheelchair ramp installation means the world to Ms. Canipe; to him it’s “just how we do business: respectful and courteous, make it as affordable and convenient as possible.”

Marc adds, “stories like this one from Ms. Canipe, who felt like a prisoner in her home, remind me why I chose our line of work.”

“I’m tickled,” she says. “I really like the people working for Amramp, good product, too.”

Ms. Canipe would like everyone – her home health company, her doctors, her sister  – to know about her Amramp experience. Here’s an excerpt of her email to Marc Gardner:

“I no longer feel like a prisoner in my house. Marc, you did an excellent job of listening very carefully and designing a ramp that totally fit my needs that slopes gently so I can navigate it on my own.  You were professional and efficient.  You gave me all the information I needed to make my decision.  And you were friendly; I felt comfortable dealing with you right from the start.”

Here at Amramp, we often come across stories like Ms. Canipe’s. We understand that our clients can be in a difficult situation, and we are happy to be able to offer them a fast, easy, and safe solution.  Amramp is a national organization with local, factory-trained professionals and with local inventory located throughout the country. If you would like to find out more about Amramp’s modular wheelchair ramp system, please fill out the form to the left or call us toll-free at 888-715-7598.



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