Wheelchair Ramps for People
Who Struggle with Stairs

The freedom that my wheelchair ramp gives to me to come and go from my house is very uplifting. Robert C. - Northern VA
"The freedom that my wheelchair ramp gives to me to come and go from my house is very uplifting."
Robert C. - Northern VA

Amramp, North America’s Leading Wheelchair Ramp, offers many benefits that no other type of modular ramp provides.

Unique Open Mesh Ramp Surface

Only Amramp’s unique open mesh ramp surface allows moisture to pass through, reducing the possibility of dangerous ice film or mold forming on the surface. Wood, concrete and aluminum are solid surfaces that collect moisture.

Most Slip-Resistant Modular Ramp Available

The Amramp surface offers a raised gripping pattern to make Amramp the most slip resistant ramp available, PLUS Amramp adds a special Amramp-grip coating to the ramp surface. This coating contains a disbursed particle that feels like sand paper. This all adds up to making Amramp the most slip-resistant ramp available.


Amramp is made of durable steel, the same steel used in fire escapes. Wood and aluminum will burn and melt in the heat of a house fire. Remember, a ramp is a means of egress from the home in an emergency. Ask us for independent test lab data on ramp fire safety.

Available for RENT or Purchase

Amramp is available for purchase or rental. We offer free evaluations and install in days, not weeks or months.

No Permits Required

Amramp’s patented bolt together system usually does not require a building permit, excavation or digging up your property – which means we can install your ramp in almost any type of weather. Permanent ramps like wood or concrete are permanent modifications to the home and require a building permit plus concrete footings. The permit process includes tax reevaluation of your home.

Made in America

The Amramp system is made in the USA from recycled and 100% recyclable steel. Even after years of productive use, when are ramps are no longer needed, they can be easily disassembled and returned to our inventory to be re-used by someone else. Remember wood and concrete ramps are expensive to remove and end up in a landfill.

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