The Amramp Eastern Tennessee team installed this wheelchair ramp in Columbia, TN within 24 hours of the initial request just in time to accommodate the discharge of an injured worker.

They received an email at 3 pm from the insurance company that an injured worker was being discharged the next day and they needed a ramp 3.5 hours away. The evaluation was done via the phone and internet. The approval was received at 6 pm that same night and the ramp installed the next day, just as the patient was brought home from the hospital.

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•Wheelchair Ramps Reduce Claims Costs by Helping Clients Stay Safely at Home

•In-home care reduces your costs and provides a safe, nurturing and accessible environment to help recovery

A wheelchair ramp is the bridge to healing and recovery, providing the safest, easiest way for people to continue their recovery at home. Some of your injured workers may be discharged in a wheelchair while others may just struggle with stairs. The ramp can help prevent injuries and falls for recovering workers and their caregivers. The ramp will also provide a safe exit in the event of a fire or emergency.

The ramp provides safe and easy access to the outside world - promoting independence and preserving dignity.

Amramp can install most wheelchair ramps within 24-48 hours after your approval to accommodate discharge – saving you money.

...we make an assignment to Amramp and it is done. We don’t have to worry about it.
-Recent comment from an executive for a major managed care company

Amramp has 45 locations across the US and parts of Canada, each with local inventory to assure fast turnaround – all ready and able to complete the ramp installation in days – getting your injured workers home sooner.

Our ramps do not usually require permits or concrete footings, so they can be installed in days – year round – in almost any type of weather.

We also offer an expanded line of accessibility equipment, including stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, overhead patient lifts, grab bars and portable showers. Call or fill out the form to start your injured workers on their recovery.

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