The Amramp Advantage

Unique, non-slip, open mesh ramp surface

Wheelchair Ramp: Unique slip-resistant surface

Open Mesh Ramp Surface

Our open mesh surface allows moisture to drain through preventing dangerous ice film. All other ramp surfaces are solid surfaces - wood, concrete, and aluminum- which cause moisture puddles and ice to form.

Raised Gripping Edge

For added safety, our ramps have a raised gripping edge on the ramp surface pattern that adds to slip resistance.

Amramp Grip

Our special Amramp Grip coating contains a disbursed particle that feels like sand paper for added slip resistance.

Black Finish Promotes Defrosting

Just like a black car heats up faster than a grey or silver car (like aluminum ramps), the Amramp black finish color heats up faster and promotes defrosting.

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