Wheelchair Ramps for All Occasions

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH
Capitol Christmas Tree Stop in Santa Clause, IN
Capitol Christmas Tree Stop in Santa Claus, IN

Amramp makes any event ADA compliant, with RENT or purchase options. Our steel modular wheelchair ramps are made in the USA from 100% recycled and recyclable steel. They are fireproof for safe entry and exit.

Rent for just one day!

We will design a ramp to fit your needs, install it for you and remove it once it is no longer needed. No event is too large or small. College and high school students who use wheelchairs are able to receive their degrees alongside their fellow students, and family members unable to climb stairs can attend weddings and family events.

The United States Navy rented a 244 foot ramp to allow past crew members who use wheelchairs to attend a tearful reunion during tall ships festivities on the East Coast. As the Vietnam Wall travels across America, the display will often include hundreds of feet of an Amramp system in order to provide a firm surface over hard ground to make viewing possible from a wheelchair.

Amramp made it easy for people in wheelchairs to access the stage for special ceremonies at both the Democrat National Convention and the Republican National Convention. We also help America vote by providing wheelchair access for polling places in cities and towns across the country.

Amramp has helped provide access for people to sign the banner for the Capitol Christmas Tree during its trek across country to Washington, DC, as well as wheelchair ramps for special events at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, NASCAR Hall of Fame, The Organization of American States, American History Museum, the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC, New York City Hall, Massachusetts State House, the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond, VA, Trinity Church in Boston, Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium and many more.

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