Keep projects open and accessible during construction and renovations

Amramp provides wheelchair access to a senior center in the Chicago area Amramp installed a 174 ft wheelchair ramp at Boston's Faneuil Hall Mall.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramps, Stairs, Walkways, Surfaces, Wheelchair Lifts and Railings

Amramp access ramps, walkways, stair systems and wheelchair lifts can be delivered and installed quickly from our 50+ locations coast to coast by our local installation teams – union, open shop or prevailing wage rate.

Wheelchair Ramps

Amramp provides long-term or short-term access for all types of construction projects: office trailers, expansions, renovations, or access to your job site.

Amramp keeps your commercial property accessible and fully compliant.

We have installed temporary ramps at Disneyland while one of their restaurants was renovated, as well as for the Crown Center in Kansas City, Harvard University, The Smithsonian Museum, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and lifts at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Duke University, as well as at various churches, schools and more across the country.

When Boston's historic Faneuil Hall Mall was undergoing elevator changes, Amramp installed a 174 ft. wheelchair ramp up to the second floor shops. Without the ramp, the shops on the second floor would have had to close during the elevator change. Read more about Amramp commercial applications here.

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