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When it's time to go home after surgery or rehab, many questions may come up as to how to make sure their home is a safe and nurturing environment that will help in their recovery. Some people may be discharged in a wheelchair or some may just struggle with stairs.

Either way, they will need a safe way to get in and out of their home for medical appointments, shopping, or just enjoying their life.

A wheelchair ramp is the bridge to healing and recovery... the safest, easiest way to continue recovery at home..

• The ramp will help to prevent injuries and falls for patients and caregivers.

• The ramp eliminates the need for a caregiver to lift a person or wheelchair up and down the stairs whenever they go outside the home.

• The ramp will provide a safe exit in the event of a fire or emergency.

• The ramp will provide safe and easy access to the outside world – promoting independence and preserving dignity.

Choose Amramp for all your accessibility needs.

Amramp offers a full line of accessibility products including wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, overhead patient lifts, threshold ramps, automatic door openers, safety railsings, and other products. Call today to find out how Amramp can make life more accessible for your patients.

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Lifts & More..

Stairlifts - straight, curved and outdoor models
Vertical Platform Lifts - indoor and outdoor models
Free-standing Overhead Patient Lifts
Threshold & Transition Ramps
Portable Roll-in Showers
Pool Lifts
Automatic Door Openers
Other unique assistive devices

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