Preparing the Home for a Child with Limited Mobility

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A child's mobility can be limited for a variety of reasons. It could be short term due to accident, illness or recovery from surgery. Long term mobility issues can stem from disease, injuries or birth defects and can include spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputations, muscular dystrophy, arthritis and cerebral palsy. It's important to create a safe, nurturing environment that will help your child thrive and maintain as much independence as possible.

Here are some easy, affordable ways to make your home more accessible:

1. If your child uses a wheelchair, walker or just struggles with stairs, at least one entrance to the home should be equipped with a ramp and railings. Make sure threshold transitions are smooth threshold transitions between rooms as well as entrances to outdoor decks or patios. Ramps are not just for people in wheelchairs. A ramp provides a safe entry and exit over stairs for caregivers too, especially during the winter months.

2. Widen the doorways and hallways to accommodate walkers, scooters or wheelchairs.

3. Safety rails and grab bars in the bathroom will make bathing and grooming safer and easier.

4. A stairlift can provide independent access to the upper and/or lower levels of the home.

5. Lever handles on doors, cabinets and faucets make for easier opening.

6. Remove carpeting and re-arrange furniture to make it easier to get around and free from obstacles.

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