Take a slice of advice on resiliency: 'The Swiss Cheese Theory'

A not-so-cheesy take on professional satisfaction

The Swiss Cheese Theory

Name a key ingredient to feeling satisfied, happy, and more resilient. Let's put it into something tangible, like cheese. Learn how to deal with the "holes," says Swiss Cheese Theory of Life co-author Judy Belmont, MS.

Medical professionals often work with people who have stumbled into such a hole. As you know, it's not simply treating the physical but also overcoming the mental setbacks after an accident or illness.

With lightness and humor throughout Swiss Cheese Theory of Life authors Judy Belmont and Lora Shor, MSW, advise how to make peace with disappointments and how to grow and thrive after setbacks.

"It is the inevitable 'holes' and imperfections in our lives that give us our unique perspective, character, and depth. It's a fact that the larger the holes of the Swiss, the sweeter and more distinctive the cheese," Belmont says.

A few slices of 'Wizdom' for medical professionals from the 'Swiss Cheese Theory of Life'

The "Swiss Cheese Theory" applies directly to those struggling with health issues and medical problems, as well as those trying to help them. "After all," says Judy. "It is not what happens to us, but what we do about what happens to us - and what we think about what happens to us - that determines how we cope. The more positive one's attitude, the more healthy the person will be, and more motivated for recovery and high level of life functioning."