Returning to Work After An Injury:
Your Rights and Benefits

When recovering from an on-the-job injury, you’ll want to focus on healing – not paperwork. It can be very confusing and difficult to navigate all the legalities of your situation while also trying to focus on getting well again. Here’s a helpful guide to make it a little easier.

When you, as an employee, are injured on the job, under the workers’ compensation system in place in most states, you are eligible apply for the following benefits:

If you are able to return to work, there are a few things you should consider.

Amramp Can Help

If you need improved accessibility as part of your reasonable accommodations in the workplace, Amramp’s patented Modular Ramp, which is fire-proof, slip-resistant, and designed to meet ADA standards can be customized to your needs. With expert installers all across the U.S. and now in Canada, wheelchair ramps can be installed in as little as one day. Amramp also offers a range of accessibility products such as:

To learn more about your rights as an injured employee check out the Injured Worker Guidebook.

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