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As fall finds us, back-to-school frenzy has waned. All across the US and parts of Canada, Amramp is helping to make campuses accessible for homecoming events and football. See the photo and article below about the vertical platform lifts we recently installed at Duke University.

In this issue, we offer some tips on better listening -- who doesn't need a refresher now & then -- and the benefits of arts in medicine.

Plus, have you seen the amazing feats our expert installers have achieved? #Amramp brings ADA-compliant accessibility, typically within days of your initial call. It's amazing what can be done, check out our blog, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media! And enjoy your autumn, Halloween, and all the good that change can bring.

In this Issue - September 2015

Amramp at Duke University

Robert Smith and the Amramp Eastern NC team installed three vertical platform lifts at the Duke University football stadium in Durham, NC for the 2015 Football season. These lifts were RENTED for the season to provide access to temporary suites that were set up during the $150 million renovation of the stadium.

Active Listening Can Improve Care and Your Well-being

Listening and hearing are two very different things. It's not enough to simply hear the concerns of elderly patients. Making the effort to actively listen can pay off in greater understanding of their physical issues and mobility limitations. Following these do's and don'ts can give caregivers a fuller picture of the message patients are trying to send while improving efficiency and building a stronger relationship.

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Fostering Creativity in Healthcare Clients Leads to Health and

The primary source of dissatisfaction between clients and caregivers is the sense that the client is just a patient first and a person second. Fostering creativity in clients can create an environment in which the client can regain their sense of identity, which is sometimes lost in a sterile hospital setting, as well as help them introspectively navigate their healing journey.

Dylan Klempner works as an artist in residence in a University of Florida hospital and advises students there as well. Wheeling a cart filled with art supplies room to room, he asks clients and their families if they would like to express themselves creatively. Many people in hospitals, particularly adults, forget that they are creative. Making and appreciating art can help remind them who they are outside the walls of their room.

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Wheelchair Ramps Are Not Just For People

This is Max. He has a hard time with stairs, so his humans bought him this ramp. Max is very happy now. Nice job, Scott Embick, Amramp Denver.

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