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As Spring morphs into early summer, we're suddenly compelled to get moving! For many of your clients, this simple act is hampered by aging or illness or injury.

Amramp makes life accessible. We are dedicated to helping folks with mobility challenges live life fully. With that, we're bringing you some more great insights from authors and experts to help you and your clients enjoy life more fully, whether it's getting on an airplane, regaining mobility, or coping emotionally.

In this issue, we feature travel tips for people with mobility issues by all-abilities travel expert and author Candy B. Harrington, Ken Druck's guide to help men live happier and healthier lives by overcoming male barriers to emotions and how patients can gain improved balance, flexibility and peace of mind through Tai Chi by Boston-based instructor Fang-Chih Lee.

Amramp is proud to help keep Americans and Canadians happy and healthy in their homes, no matter what their mobility challenges. Each of us in Amramp's 45 U.S. locations -- and now in Canada -- wish you a wondrous summer season.

We hope you all have a chance to get out and about safely this summer

In this Issue - May 2013

Air travel Tips for Wheelchair Users and Slow Walkers

Mobility-travel expert and author Candy B. Harrington's handy pre-flight checklist for folks who use wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility aids.

Helping clients prepare and adapt to air travel

For folks facing mobility challenges, travel often just isn't fun anymore. In fact, traveling for the first time post-injury can be pretty scary. All-Abilities Travel expert Candy B. Harrington shares her air travel tips to help boost clients' confidence and prepare them for that first flight.

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10 Strategies to Help Men Heal Emotionally

Guide men to happier, healthier lives with Ken Druck's communication strategies for overcoming male barriers to emotions.

As professionals, you already know: When it comes to healing emotional wounds, men tend to process their emotions very differently than women. Men are wired differently and grow up with very different standards for showing emotions. How can you help, even if you're not a man? Author Ken Druck, Ph.D., shares his insights, both as a man and a professional who helps men.

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Patients gain improved balance, flexibility and peace of mind through Tai Chi

Tai Chi is gentle and fully adaptable to all levels of mobility; aids in vitality and increases circulation

Tai Chi is a gentle martial art with proven health benefits for all ages and abilities

For elderly practitioners, Tai Chi offers significant health and flexibility benefits, according to Boston-based instructor Fang-Chih Lee's observations during the past three decades. A sequence of gentle movements sometimes referred to as "meditation in motion," Tai Chi is rooted in deep breathing and the internal balancing of energy. Learn more and why Harvard Medical School recently published an instruction book about Tai Chi and all of its many health and wellness benefits

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