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A memorable snowy winter in the Northeast brings big changes from last year. Here at Amramp, we wish you a safe and enjoyable winter finale (we hope!).

In this issue of the newsletter, we feature advice for medical professionals from the Deepak Chopra Center and a Harvard doctor working with breast cancer patients. We also learn about journalist Martin Bayne's life as an Assisted Living advocate.

Amramp is proud to help keep Americans and Canadians happy and healthy in their homes, no matter what their mobility challenges. Each of us in Amramp's 44 U.S. locations -- and now in Canada -- wish you a wondrous holiday season.

Stay safe and warm as winter recedes.

In this Issue - March 2013

Assisted Living Becomes Real for Baby Boomers

Journalist Martin Bayne finds purpose in sharing his assisted living experience with fellow boomers

A Voice for the Voiceless

Journalist and MIT graduate Martin Bayne ended up in an assisted living facility well before his time due to the onset of Parkinson's Disease at age 44. Now 63, he paints a picture for those outside of these facilities for what the realities are inside walls. That reality, he says, seems to be permeated with "ambient despair;" whose residents seem so often forgotten in the mad rush of society. Through his spiritual approach and driven philosophy, Martin has been able to channel his painful experiences and struggles into a greater purpose. Read more about Martin's efforts to implement policy changes and new technologies to help all who are in the difficult process of aging and facing their own mortality.

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'Rehabilitation Makes All the Difference' Breast Cancer Survivor, Harvard Doctor Advocates

Post-treatment rehabilitation is key for breast cancer survivors

Harvard Medical Assistant Professor and doctor questions common breast cancer treatment practices. Learn how breast cancer patients can heal and live better with the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Healing for Your Breast Cancer Journey: Surviving and Thriving During and After Your Diagnosis and Treatment.

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Transform the Therapist-Patient Relationship with Meditation

Meditation can boost job performance and patient interactions: Get off to the right start with tips from the Deepak Chopra Center's Lead Educator

Better your chances at breaking through with patients by changing your perspective

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