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The holidays are upon us, and Amramp is thrilled to again be a part of the national tour of the Capitol Christmas Tree. Amramp proudly provided wheelchair access again this year at every stop so everyone was able to write their holiday messages on the banner as the tree traveled from Colorado to Washington, DC. The 2012 tree lighting at the U.S. Capitol was Dec. 4.

In this issue, we're visiting some holiday favorites: weight loss with tips from a Harvard MD, as well as positional therapy that patients can do at home, and -- if your 2013 resolutions include being more organized -- we have tips for you, too.

Amramp is proud to help keep Americans and Canadians happy and healthy in their homes, no matter what their mobility challenges. Each of us in Amramp's 44 U.S. locations -- and now in Canada -- wish you a wondrous holiday season.

Thanks for reading.

In this Issue - December 2012

A man in a rehab facility.

Losing weight after menopause:Weight loss for women over 50

Improve Relationships and Lower Risk of Injury and Disease with Harvard's Dr. Suzanne Koven.

Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor Dr. Suzanne Koven has authored a book called Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Hello to a Better Body!: Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50, which combines the latest scientific menopausal research with true stories from women who made lifestyle and psychological changes that helped them to lose the weight - and keep it off. Therapists and case managers can use the information and stories in this book to help guide, motivate, and inspire their female over-50 patients who are struggling to lose weight.

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A stethoscope twisted into the shape of a heart.

Empower your patients with free at-home pain-relieving techniques

Integrated Positional Therapy expert and author shares free, simple exercises to do at home to keep pain away without drugs

With modern medicine's often staggering costs, patients will be glad to hear that there are pain-relieving techniques that can be applied safely and easily at home, and with no added fees or pills to take. Integrated Positional Therapy is a growing practice that is delivering tremendous results for those in pain from conditions linked to muscular imbalance.

Neuromuscular therapist and author Lee Albert offers techniques for do-it-yourself pain relief to you can share with your patients.

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A smiling family around a hospital bed.

Organize Your Mind, Boost Your Job Performance

Be a better therapist by improving your ability to focus

The secret to better organization, increased productivity, and less stress lies in first changing the activity and focus of our minds, according to Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore, better known as "Coach Meg." She leads a school of coaching for health professionals and is co-director for the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. She is the co-author of Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain to get More Done in Less Time. Use her tips on to slow down, focus, and improve both job performance and relationships with patients.

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