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Is it just us, or does late summer and fall still feel like when things should start? All those years getting ready for the first day of school, perhaps.

In this issue of Amramp's newsletter, we hope you'll find useful tips from notable Harvard researchers and authors that will help get your "school" year off on the right foot.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Did you print out an article to share with a patient? Send to a friend? What other topics would help your work and whole person?

Thanks for reading.

In this Issue - September 2012

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Stress and Mind-Body Connection: Change Your Outlook, Change Your Health

Decrease Stress, Increase Patient Health and Happiness with Tips from Alice Domar, PhD

As medical professionals, you know how health challenges and difficult medical situations can take their toll on both patients and their caregivers alike. The link between stress and health isn't news, but one Harvard Medical School mind-body medicine pioneer offers research-backed tips on how to improve patients' lives and your interactions with them.

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The cover of The Creative Cure

The Creativity Cure: Treatment Returns Patients to Their Creative Roots

Improve your patients' health and outlook by encouraging them to make things by hand

New studies show that the simple creative act of making something by hand can have a tremendous positive impact on a patient's health. Psychiatrist Carrie Barron and her premier hand-surgeon husband, Alton Barron, have spent years researching, clinically observing, and studying cultural trends, culminating in a new treatment method and a book entitled The Creativity Cure.

"Making things by hand, using our hands and bodies, in fact, serves as a natural antidepressant and can dramatically improve mood, outlook, and physical health," the Barrons say. The Barrons offer some depression prevention tips that any of us can benefit from.

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A patient with her art.

Using Creative Approaches to Provide Your Patients with Better, More Effective Care

Therapy Benefits from Flexibility and New Ideas - Tips From Harvard Psychologist Shelley Carson, PhD

Even those who love their work sometimes find it boring, right? What about patients who are challenging and difficult to work with? Perhaps they're just bored. Harvard psychology researcher/professor Dr. Shelley Carson suggests that a little creativity may be just the cure.

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