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Early summer blooms and warmer temperatures all across North America are simply beckoning for more time outdoors. Whether you're young or old, it's human nature to hibernate during winter's dark, chilly months. We need to consider, however, our mobility might not be what it was, especially for our older population.

In this issue, we have tips from "The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life" as well as...

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In this Issue - June 2012

A doctor and his elderly patient..

Healing Conversations

Appreciative Inquiry offers medical professionals a conversation starter

So often medical professionals are called to the profession, answering a need for care. Yet, when reality takes hold, the focus is on pain and treatments, not necessarily the desired outcome. A question from a strategy consultant to Fortune 500 businesses has sparked something of a movement.

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The cover of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

Take a slice of advice on resiliency: 'The Swiss Cheese Theory'

What's it take to be resilient? And how can you grab your slice of satisfaction?

Look at life like Swiss Cheese, co-authors Judy Belmont, MS, and Lora Shor, MSW, suggest in their popular book Swiss Cheese Theory of Life. Learn how to help clients (and yourself) recover from setbacks, the "Swiss Cheese" way.

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A happy family in a hospital room.

Cancer patients get STAR treatment from Harvard MD

Cancer recovery patients benefit from rehabilitative treatment to achieve higher functioning

How is cancer so different from other major health complications that patients shouldn’t be referred to rehabilitation, asks Harvard MD Julie Silver. Hear her argument for cancer rehabilitative treatments and how to bring patients closer to a fully functioning recovery.

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An elderly lady in a wheelchair.

Top 8 reasons why your clients need a portable shower

Now your clients don't need to settle for a sponge bath.

As a healthcare professional you know that lack of proper hygiene causes dryness of the skin and can accelerate the development of pressure ulcers. Prescribe the Amramp Portable Roll-in Shower - the best bathing option for your patients to avoid more serious skin conditions.

What are the options when your patient is unable to climb upstairs to a second-floor bathroom, or if their home is laid out in such a way that a shower is inaccessible?

8 reasons why your clients will benefit.

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