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In this Issue - September 2011

A doctor with two patients.

Help your patients self-advocate and receive better care

Improve your role in your patients’ care: Tips from a Complete Patient Advocate

It's often impossible for a patient to know what the "right" treatment is. How can medical professionals overcome lack of information, unsatisfactory explanations, patients' stress and/or decreased mental functioning? Patient Advocate Marie Connelly shares her insights on how you can boost patients' peace of mind.

Read more to navigate all options available.

A doctor talking to a family.

Receive better medical care by self-advocating

Ask your doctor to try the 'Slow Medicine' approach

Slow Medicine, a term coined by Dr. Dennis McCullough of Dartmouth Medical School, describes a cultural shift toward quality of life and care for older people. Dr. McCullough's book, My Mother, Your Mother talks about the necessity in "slowing down" the decision-making process when it comes to figuring out what specific methods of care are best for our aging loved ones or ourselves.

Find answers not 'cures' and quality over the 'quick fix'. Read more from our continuing interview with Dr. McCullough.

A close-up of two hands making contact.

What happens when two sisters and their spouses discover there is no long-term hospice facility in their state?

Nurse and her family launch credit card business to fund hospice house.

A nurse, a teacher, advertising executive, and entrepreneur redefine how to raise funds for what will be Rhode Island's only long-term residential respite home, potentially serving 1,500 patients annually.

How would they do it? Not asking for donations, but by building a business with a cause behind it. Read more.

An elderly lady in a wheelchair with a nurse.

No more sponge bathing for your clients

Portable roll-in showers serves as an inexpensive alternative

We often take for granted how a daily activity like showering can turn into a major challenge when you client may be injured or mobility-impaired. While living primarily on the ground floor of a home may be a necessity, often these homes do not have first-floor showers.

What are the options when your patient is unable to climb upstairs to a second-floor bathroom, or if their home is laid out in such a way that a shower is inaccessible?

Read more about the solution and view all features.

June Issue - Poll Results

We asked:

What do you envy about Baby Boomers?

You answered:

Free time – 40%

Pension – 40%

Add your Boomer perk – 20%*

Most interesting response received:

"Witnessing more changes in the world than any other time in history."

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