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In this Issue - June 2011

A young girl with allergies.

Summer allergy prevention tips

Tips for battling summer allergies

Summer allergies can cause critical ailments for those with compromised immune systems, or folks with mobility issues. Pass these tips along to stay healthy this summer.

Read more about what you can do to breath easier today.

A man playing wheelchair tennis.

Benefits of wheelchair tennis go beyond PT

Therapeutic hobby goes international

After a skiing accident left him paralyzed for life in 1977, Tennis Hall of Famer Brad Parks was eager to explore his options for recovery and continued participation in physical sports. He never dreamed that what began as a therapeutic hobby would become a 20-year international career.

Read more about how inexpensive, easy to set up, and fun to play this hobby has become.

A doctor with two elderly patients.

"Slow" approach to determine care for aging

Are medical professionals pushing for results over quality of life?

Western medical advances and the abundance of options make caregiving even more of a challenge for families. But what about medical professionals whose mission it is to help? Are we getting too caught up in the bells and whistles? Does it make sense to slow down? Dr. Dennis McCullough, professor at Dartmouth Medical School and author of My Mother, Your Mother makes his case.

Read more about how medical professionals can help caregivers and loved ones who are overwhelmed by too many options.

Mark Rafferty of Amramp at the ALS walk.

One small step to finding a cure

Nonprofit races and walks: Uniting for a cure

A key component of any athletic event is medical staffing and support. As races and walks to support cures gain popularity, more health professionals and fitness experts are getting involved. For many, it's personal ...

Many more are also driven by a personal story: One of 43 local Amramp owners nationwide, Amramp of Maine and New Hampshire owner Mark Rafferty participated in the ALS Walk in Portland, Maine.

Read more about Amramp getting involved and making a difference and how you can, too!

March Issue - Poll Results

We asked:

Which events do you think wreak the most havoc on drivers' abilities?

Click here to see the results.

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