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In this Issue - March 2011

The Unemployment Line

Great Recession further hampers employment

Disabilities dictate higher unemployment

VCU professor Brian McMahon, Ph.D., CRC, and colleagues Paul Harrington and Neeta Fogg of Drexel University compared the effects of the Great Recession (December 2007 to September 2009) upon persons with disabilities vs. persons without.

Read more about how the Great Recession further hampers employment for persons with disabilities and view graphs illustrating disability status percentages.


Return to work after illness or injury

CMs, OTs and PTs expedite employment continuance

Can clients continue to work despite illness and injury? Expedite your effectiveness.
Struggling with employers when an injured or ill worker would like to stay on the job or get back to work? Physical and occupational therapists and case managers play a key role in the process. Sharpen your expertise with best practices from transitional work therapies expert Sandy Goldstein, PT, CDMS, to expeditiously facilitate the stay at-work/return -to-work (SAW/RTW) process.

Read more about how you can build your skills in this area with 6 steps to help an employee return to work.

A nurse helping a patient

Preventing falls: Tips for remaining upright

Fall prevention: Action items for anyone at any age

At this time of year - this year especially - the priority for caretakers is helping to ensure elders and those with impaired mobility remain steady on their feet. While the pros know how crucial preventing falls is, it's also important to give advice in the form of action items. Amramp has compiled a handy list of to-do's for you to share with those you're caring for.

Read more about preventing falls plus 3 tips for remaining upright.

A chair yoga session

Chair yoga: great exercise for less-abled

Caring for you and caring for others.

Whether you're a fitness junkie or can't bear the thought of a gym, yoga offers a whole new perspective on health.Yoga can be modified to fit almost everyone's needs, so while this is primarily about you, we hope it's worth sharing with your clients, too.

Read more about this type of workout and tips for finding a yoga class or instructor.

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