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March 2016 eNewsletter

Spring is springing and local Amramp teams all across the country and parts of Canada are celebrating.

We've found some interesting ideas to share to help make patients' lives better, your job easier, or your life better or easier, too:

Plus, have you seen the amazing feats our expert installers have achieved? #Amramp brings ADA-compliant accessibility, typically within days of your initial call. It's amazing what can be done, check out our blog, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media! And enjoy your autumn, Halloween, and all the good that change can bring.

In this Issue - March 2016

Healthy eating doesn’t have be complicated

If you have mobility issues, every calorie counts. Try this warm, nutrient-rich breakfast dish that's easy to prep. Amramp salutes this NY Times best-seller & welcomes back Micaela Karlsen. The author of Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health, Karlsen offers this recipe that fills up bellies without sacrificing taste. A bounty of recipes is included in her forthcoming book A Plant-Based Life, due out this summer.

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Recognize brain trauma to stop its progression:
How to help your patients and their families

After a decade-plus treating brain injuries from auto and other occupational injuries, clinical-forensic psychologist James F. Zender PhD explains: The more serious the traumatic brain injury, the more patient denial exists. Often family members will fall into denial, too, which further complicates awareness of the problem. Recognition, proper education, and clinical support can be the key to greater success for patients recovering from mild traumatic brain injury and their loved ones. Here's how you can help recognize TBI and stop its far-reaching progression.

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Amramp Guide to returning to work after injury

Being injured on the job creates enormous stress and complications in a person's life and the last thing someone who is injured will want to deal with is all the paperwork that entails. It can be very confusing and difficult to navigate all the legalities of your situation while also trying to focus on getting well again. Here's a helpful guide to make it a little easier.

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Amramp and Habitat for Humanity

Dave Hoglund and the Amramp Northeast Pennsylvania team worked with a great group of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity of Pike County, PA and a local basketball team to install this wheelchair ramp for this home.

"The family and all of us at Habitat for Humanity of Pike County thank you and your crew for the compassionate and professional way you directed the installation of the ramp. The manner in which you engaged the basketball team and got them building the ramp was perfect. You and the AMRAMP Company are to be commended."

Rev. Niels Nielsen, President, Habitat for Humanity of Pike County

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