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Serving Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Amramp provides accessibility solutions for homes and businesses including wheelchair ramps, stair lifts and vertical platform lifts. Amramp's trained professionals provide FREE on-site evaluations, whether it's a residence, church, school or business. Yes, Amramp also accommodates the construction and commercial industries offering ADA wheelchair ramps for purchase and RENTAL.

Even in Colorado’s legendary weather conditions, Amramp’s modular steel wheelchair ramp system enables you to safely and easily access your home, landmarks, churches, or local shops.

Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs or Pueblo – or even the western slope – Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico – Amramp's trained professionals perform FREE on-site wheelchair ramp evaluations.

Amramp of Denver: Here to serve you

You may already be familiar with Amramp modular ramp systems that are installed in:

  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts
  • Brooks Towers
  • Auraria Graduation Ceremony
  • Centaurus High School Graduation Ceremony
  • University of Denver Sorority Houses during rush week
  • University of Colorado
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Democratic National Convention
  • National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
  • National Stock show

Amramp is a national provider of steel wheelchair ramps, stairlifts and other accessibility solutions. Scott and Lori Embick, owners of the Amramp Denver location, serve Amramp clients throughout Colorado and across the borders of Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Scott & Lori take pride in knowing that a wheelchair ramp can truly help improve people’s lives and enjoy building wheelchair ramps.

Customer Testimonials

"Good job! Fast and responsive service, finished product looks professionally done and attractive."
- Dora Z. – Denver, Co

"It was done fast and efficiently, couldn’t have provided a better sales experience."
- Sherman J. – Broomfield, CO

"Amramp came out this far and could do it soon. I don’t think you could have provided a better delivery and installation experience. You were fast and the installers were very good!"
- Carolyn P. – Aroya, Co

"Great ramp and great service, and I appreciate it. It was great when we needed it! Nothing could have been improved, they were great to work with."
- Larry P. – Lakewood, CO

"Great company to work with, ramp was great. After a leg amputation the ramp was a life-saver. It and the owners were great. Delivery, installation, and removal were both fast and courteous."
- Glonda G. – Fort Collins, CO

"The ramp was such a great help. Would not come home from hospital without it!"
- Mr. D. - Cheyenne, WY

"Scott and his staff provided us with valuable information, a drawing of the installation and a bid. We are very pleased."
- Evan L. - Westminster, CO

"Very good service from Lori and Scott Embick. They had a quick response and gave a thorough and complete bid."
- Jeff A. - Regis University, Denver, CO

"I chose Amramp because of the prompt response and speedy set up time."
- Marjorie H. - Greeley, CO

"My wife and I were in San Diego, CA where she broke her ankle. Upon our return to Colorado we needed a ramp. Amramp put us in touch with Scott Embick who put up a ramp for us in time that the ramp was there when we arrived home. Thank you so much Scott and Amramp!"
- Mr. A.M. - Centennial, CO

Get your ramp installed quickly

With a Denver base, Amramp of Colorado maintains a fully stocked warehouse, ensuring a timely installation of all-weather wheelchair ramps, generally within 48 hours.

Amramp's expediency was welcomed by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where construction eliminated wheelchair access to the Theatre and Arts complex. Just days before the theater opening, Amramp designed and installed two ramps totaling 87 feet, making the arts accessible to everyone.

Should you rent or buy? Amramp's solution for every situation

You should buy if your ramp needs are expected to be longer than 5-6 months because the rental will add up to be more than the purchase price. In cases where you are not sure how long you will need the ramp, we suggest that you start off renting. And if at any time it appears that you will be keeping the ramp, we will convert up to 75% of the rental paid and apply that toward your ramp purchase.

Seeking funding sources?

Groups and organizations in Colorado and nationwide, can help fund wheelchair ramp costs. Amramp has compiled numerous charities and resources: Explore Funding Sources for more information.

Quick, Local, Expert Installation

Amramp Denver operates a fully stocked warehouse; our professionally trained staff usually delivers a ramp in hours, not weeks or months! FREE home or business assessments: Call today!

Amramp is your best choice for all your accessibility needs!

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