Proper Care of Your Wheelchair Ramp

We care about your safety!

Here are some tips for the proper use and care of your wheelchair ramp:

Always push the person using the wheelchair UP the ramp and always BACK the person down the ramp. (Should attendant slip or lose control, the wheelchair will roll back into the attendant and stop) Use the lap belt.

For Power Chairs and Scooters:
✔ Always use the lowest speed setting possible.
✔ NEVER go up or down the ramp in reverse or backwards.
✔ If you must change direction, proceed to the end of the ramp, turn around on a level surface and then proceed up or down the ramp. DO NOT back up a power chair or scooter.

Special Caution for Rain, Ice or Snowy Weather
✔ Because ramps are inclined - rain, ice and snow may cause slippery conditions.
✔ Use common sense and added caution before using a ramp when these conditions are present.
✔ DO NOT USE SALT DE-ICER! Always use Liquid De-Icer (We recommend Bare Ground De-Icer - Available locally or from Amramp)
✔ NO METAL SHOVELS! A broom or plastic shovel (with no metal edges) is recommended for snow & ice removal
✔ Use extra caution when the ramp is wet or icy. Avoid clogs and hard soled footwear. Sneakers are recommended
✔ Keep the ramp clean and unobstructed: Free of leaves, branches, decorations, plastic, rugs, trash etc…

Normal Daily Usage
✔ Never relocate sections or modify the ramp system.
✔ DO NOT use ramp to move furniture, freight or items other than people in wheelchairs.
✔ DO NOT place electrical cords on the ramp.
✔ Ramps are NOT PLAYGROUNDS: No skateboarding. Shoes must be worn. Do not sit on rails.
✔ DO NOT allow small children to play unattended on the ramp.
✔ Pets with long nails can get stuck in ramp mesh surface. (We recommend use of a runner or outdoor carpet)
✔ DO NOT exceed 850 lb. of combined weight of client, wheelchair and attendant. Call Amramp if client weight, caregiver assistance or wheelchair changes and proper use of the ramp requires modifications.
✔ DO NOT use ramp if it has been damaged in any way, i.e., hit by car or snow plow causing misalignment. Call Amramp immediately if the ramp has been damaged. Periodically check the connection of the ramp to the property
Please light the ramp area if neighbors walk near the ramp after dark.

Scratches & Bruising of Finish
✔ General usage of the ramp and stair systems may cause scratches and “Bruising” of the finish. Touch ups can be easily done with an exterior, Rust-Oleum grade enamel spray.