PromenAid Handrails

Sometiimes people just need some stability in their lives...PromenAid Handrails provide continuous support anywhere in the home or office, indoor or outdoor.

PromenAid Hand Rails on Modern Stairs

Walkway with posts and PromenAid Hand Rails

PromenAid Hand Rails at Salem Dental Center

Salem Dental Center using PromenAid Hand Rails

  • Elegant, strong, easy to install, versatile
  • Meets residential, commercial & industrial code
  • ADA compliant
  • Made in North America

The feel of reliability
The PromenAid handrail is a thing of beauty. Solid, substantial, with a full grip and comfortable feel. PromenAid exceeds residential and commercial safety standards. Each bracket supports 500 pounds.

Stylish and versatile
The PromenAid design fits every decor, blending in beautifull, with modern champagne anodized or traditional architectural bronze finishes. Durable and rust-proof, PromenAid raillings are at home outdoors and indoors, from stairs to shower stalls

Fast, simple installation
Imagine a handrail that solves problems instead of causing them. Brackets that instantly align with wall studs, then lock in place with a simple twist and adjust to any slope. And then there's our articulating elbow. It makes corner connections, even sloped ones, simple and precise.

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